New Imprisonment

On 15th July 1938 August Landmesser was arrested again. From a newspaper report on the trial against August Landmesser 

Now the secret directive of June 1937 could be put into effect! On 18th July 1938, three days after August's arrest, Irma Eckler was picked up by the Gestapo (Geheime Staatspolizei; Secret State Police) for "Rassenschande".

No record of her arrest is to be found. However, from registers of accounts for expenses and number of days of detention (records of public prosecutor's office at Higher County Court - Administration), it can be determined that she was in the Fuhlsbüttel police cells from l8th until 29th July 1938 and in the City of Hamburg remand prison (women's section) from 20th until 23rd October 1938. (Public-record office Hamburg 213-1 ) 

Also, her KZ-number from Ravensbrück (928/574) testifies to the fact that she was imprisoned before September 1938 because it can be proved that the number 1021 was issued on 9th September 1938 in Lichtenburg. 

The children were sent to the municipal orphanage, Averhoffstraße, because in 1938 children were not yet deported with their mothers. The Jewish grandmother was refused entry to the orphanage and denied custody of the children. Only her Aryan husband managed to get Ingrid released into his care. Irene had to remain at the orphanage.

A family separated...