Father August Landmesser sent to Moorlager for "Rassenschande

Following his conviction to two and a half years imprisonment for "Rassenschande" in October 1938, August Landmesser was sent to Börgermoor Prison Camp I in Emsland (D 24 and D 25). 

In 1991, by coincidence, August's daughter Irene found a picture of her father in the "Die Zeit" newspaper. So he too was sent as a prisoner to work in the armaments industry. Prisoners from a number of camps were assigned to work at Blohm und Voss as shipbuilders. 

(War broke out 1 st September 1939. )

The writer Till Bastian also noticed the photo in "Die Zeit" auf. On 15th November 1995 the "Hamburger Abendblatt" newspaper published the following appeal:

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