Ingrid Eckler at her grandmother's

Ingrid lived at Rellingerstr. 11 with her grandmother, Mrs. Friederike Sofie Graumann, nee Horneburg. The grandmother wanted to find foster parents for Ingrid. She had a weak heart, and at age 58 she feIt a young, lively child would be more than she could cope with. 

Ingrid noticed what her grandmother was up to. 

When the potential foster mother wanted to see how weIl she could walk, Ingrid assumed a clumsy gait and threw her legs about so that the women lost all interest in her. 

On the way home Ingrid accused her grandmother of wanting to "seIl" her. 

Ingrid remernbers visiting the Gestapo with her grandmother in the Emilie-Wüstenfeld-Schule. 

She had to go there frequentIy to collect a "Notification". 

She was so nervous that during the war she nearly fell in a bomb crater. Ingrid feIt at home at her grandmolher's. She had friends and playmates in the neighbourhood. Her grandmother did everything in her power to prevent Ingrid from feeling the loss of her mother.

What happened to Ingrid's sister Irene Eckler...