Mother Irma Eckler deported for "Rassenschande

When Irma Eckler was taken into custody by the Gestapo in summer 1938 (18th July 1938), nobody knew for a long time where she had been sent. Research has revealed that both, father and mother, were first taken to the prison in Fuhlsbüttel, Harnburg. According to the Guardianship File, she was also in the Oranienburg concentration camp. 

The identity card proves that she was held prisoner in Lichtenburg. The Lichtenburg, near Prettin on the Elbe (District of Torgau), was built as a fortress in the 16th century and then converted to a prison. In 1937 it became a women's internment camp, the first all women concentration camp (FKL). 

Compulsory identity cards for Jews were introduced on the 23rd July 1938. The identity card had to be presented automatically with all applications or its particulars notes in correspondence. Non-Jews were not oblidged to own an identity card. 

In Ravensbrück, Irma Eckler was given the KZ-number: 928/574. 928 from Lichtenburg, 574 in Ravensbrück. The new women's camp in Ravensbrück was at Schwedtsee, near Fürstenberg/Havel in Mecklenburg, 80 km from Berlin, on the railway line Berlin-Oranienburg-Fürstenberg.

What happened to Ingrid and Irene Eckler...